It is an old proverb: “Protection is better than cure”. Its always better to protect and take precautions on your computer to prevent issues arising.

Below listed are some key and basic tips and hints which will help you guard your desktop or laptop against any type of threat, and increase its performance:


1.) Never Open Emails that you don’t know, especially attachments. Emails that you should NEVER open could be from a Bank or Postal Service. Be very carefull if recieving emails from Ebay, Paypal & Facebook that ask you to check your details or verify your details. Most probably it is fake and could end up infecting your computer with a virus.

2.) Try to avoid downloading Free Screen Savers and Free Games etc from websites. Many of these are free because they contain bundled spyware programs that install when you run the screen saver.  This can cause Unwanted Programs popping up on your computer and cause advertising popups on your internet.

3.) If you are surfing a website and you try to play a video and a message appears telling you that you need to download a or Program or Codec to view the video, DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR OPEN IT. Get Straight out of that website. If you click to install it, it could infect your computer with a virus or malicious software.

4.) Facebook is a new way that hackers are targeting to spread Dangerous Virus’s. If you recieve a message or invitation to visit an external website, Don’t Click on the Link. It may be a Malicious Website that contains Virus’s and Malware that may infect your computer. Its better to be safe than sorry.

An example of this may be that you recieve a message from a friend, and it tells you to Click on the following Website Link and “See my Pictures”. The link will most probably be a Malicious one and infect your computer with Dangerous Spyware and Malware, and could render your computer to be vulnerable to Hackers.

5.) Make sure you have an Anti-Virus program installed and up-to-date such as Norton Internet Security or AVG.
These programs will protect your computer from incoming virus’s and Trojan’s and also stop Internet hackers from penetrating your PC Data.

6.) Run Anti-Virus scans regularly. (Every 1-2 Weeks).

7.) Defragment your Hard Disk Regularly (Every 3-6 months). This tidy’s up the data on your hard disk drive and increases the running performance of your computer.