Virus’s, Trojans and Malware are malicious programs intended to destabilize an application or system’s working. It damages a computer in several ways; making the system to work slowly, corrupting files, applications to stop loading, hard disc to crash leading to Windows failure.  They can also open a back door for a hacker to remotely access your computer & data.  This can lead to Internet Banking Fraud and On-Line Fraud.

iFixIT Computer Services provides highly effective, and advanced virus protection for all sorts of security threats for desktops,  laptops, & wireless devices.

Expert Virus/Trojan removal service:

  • Ransomware experts in Removing them and solutions to data recovery from the result of a Ransomware attack
  • We carry out extensive diagnosis and effective anti-virus implementation to make sure that your system remains protected against any danger
  • Full scan and diagnosis of the system, applications and programs to eliminate infected files
  • Removal of infected files and programs which can harm the system
  • Removal of Boot-Sector Virus’s (RootKits)
  • Sales & Installation of the most advanced, up-to-date Anti-Virus software
  • Upgrading of already installed Anti-Virus software
  • Protection against the security breach which might have caused the virus, spyware or malware attacks
  • Browser protection for blocking any malware, spyware and trojan downloads from web access
  • Crucial data recovery, affected by infected programs.